Design a unique scalable display about Under Armour’s footwear for the footwear wall upper in retail environments. 



Researcher and Graphic Designer


Under Armour teammates Kristian Espinosa, Nathan Grundhouser, Todd Hoffman, Cori Burns, Nicolas Slavtcheff, William Thomas.



What is the potential of footwear to empower human performance? How do our feet move? How are shoes made? How do we test them to ensure quality? I started by understanding Under Armour’s process of developing shoes. The sketchbook to the left highlights my initial thought process.

I connected with project managers, designers, engineers, developers, consumer insights (wear-testers), and material analyst (lab-testing). In each one-on-one interview and group discussion, I observed the environment, asked questions, and listened. When I sat down at my desk, I had a rich collection of visual data that shared how Under Armour approached making shoes that millions of people will wear. I thought about how powerful it would be to share these findings with the consumer. The images below are collected from one-on-one interviews and group discussion with contributors along the footwear development chain.

FootwearDevelpoment_Infographic copy.jpg

The development of footwear is an iterative process that brings many people together. The Project Line Manager (PLM) shares insights and needs from the market with the team. The designer draws insight from the brief to create the shoes shape, color, texture, and materials. Development (footwear engineer) then assess materials chosen and tests them to meet quality needs. The developer collects both quantitative and qualitative research by working with material analysts and consumer insights. Lab Testing (material analyst) evaluates the shoes durability and performance limits. Wear Testing (consumer insights) collects data on perceptions of the shoe. Feedback is shared back with the designer and developer until it is ready to be scaled and tested to various sizes. The sketch to the left is an overview of the footwear development chain.

footwear development18.jpg

Design outcome

The footwear header reflected the process behind what it takes to make an Under Armour shoe. The display stitches together studies of anatomy, footwear sketches, 3D renderings, material, with highlights of key product technology (Hovr) to reflect a deeper story to the consumer about the product they are buying.