Kamlari Freedom The folder is a study designed to support the social activism of the Kamlari Freedom Forum in Western Nepal. A Kamlari girl is a bonded laborer.  Interviews with Kamlari girls reveal that a bonded laborer is like a bird captured in a cage. It is only with its feathers, which are light and delicate, that a bird is able to fly. Similarly education for Kamlari girls provides a foundation for freedom and ultimately a new life. Embedded in the background of the folder is a brief history of the Kamlari girls. Urmilla Chaudhary, President of the Kamlari Freedom Forum, represents the interests of the Kamlari girls and leads the struggle to end the Kamlari practice in Nepal. 

Demands of the Kamlari Freedom Forum

1 - Scholarships for education

2 - Bring perpetuators to justice

3 - Pay compensation for missing girls

 4 - Abolish the Kamlari practice