Safe Motorcycle Branding


Design a brand system for Safe Boda that reflects a sense of alertness, vigilance, and caution in movement on the busy streets of Kampala, Uganda.


Graphic designer


Maxime DIeudonné, Alastair Sussock, and Safe Boda team. 



Safe Boda connects passengers to a safe and affordable motorcycle transportation system. Hired motorcycles are called bodas in Uganda and are a primary means of transport. Motorcycles accounted for 75% of accidents on the roads (2013 statistics). Motorcycles are the main mode of transportation for people as they are affordable and fast. Often drivers are untrained and move recklessly on the road. The objective was to create a brand system that reflects caution and safety in movement, as well as increase recognition and inspire trust in the company. 





The visual system conveys a sense of safety and vigilance on the road. The color, neon orange and reflective silver, represents caution, giving the viewer a feeling of comfort and safety. The typeface, Bryant, designed by Eric Olson, is open, friendly and consistent. The typographic lockup provides structure suggesting an aerial view of a road system. The arrows convey movement and direction. The mark shows protection in movement from one destination to the next. 

Neon orange helmets and vests are easily recognizable and glow at night in the dark. The app displays travel costs calculated according to the distance of the journey. This reduces anxiety surrounding the negotiation of exorbitant motorcycle fares. The numbers on the backs of the helmets and vests connect passengers to Safe Boda’s vetted motorcycle drivers for verification through an app or a call on a mobile phone. The face, bio, and verification number related to each motorcycle driver, allows passengers to access information upfront about each driver. Business cards and stickers share contact information with the public and raise awareness about Safe Boda’s mission. Tote bags, designed with both shoulder and hand straps, enable passengers to safely transport goods thereby reducing cases of motorcycle theft on Kampala’s crowded streets.

Safe Motorcycle Branding