Design Under Armour’s future fitting room experience. Create thoughtful interactive moments to make the consumers journey more efficient, user-friendly, and engaging.


User Experience and Interface Designer


Nicolette Cornelius and AlertTech (external developers)



The objective was to eliminate unnecessary interactions, while enhancing the customers experience of the product. Utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification) the fitting room detects what product the customer has been brought into the room. The room has the capability for the customer to change the lighting and to request new product.

1) The customer enters the store and selects the product to try on. 2) An Under Armour teammate greets the customer and takes clothes to set up the fitting room. 3) Once the customer is in the fitting room they can change the lighting and requests product assistance. 4) The customer chooses items they would like to buy. +The customer can either buy at the casher or with the associate.


Customer and Store Associate User Flow



User testing played in integral role in the design changes made to ensure the product was intuitive and accessible to people with various backgrounds. The users revealed insights like; from simple navigational capabilities like swiping or scrolling— to questioning the relevance of buttons— or language. The orientation of the screen changed due to the scope of work initially shared with the Alter Tech.


User Testing



The design outcome