Branding Ugandan Law Society


The Ugandan Law Society ensures that all Ugandan citizens have access to a competent, and independent legal profession. The branding project promotes a sense of humanity, justice, equality, and respect. 



Graphic designer


Aster Ruzindana: Manger at Seven marketing agency and The Ugandan Law Society Council. 

CONTEXT & objective

Many poor families have limited access to legal services due to illiteracy and a lack of information about their human rights. The objective of rebranding the ULS was to depict a serious, upright and just image of the law society. The society has both an advisory and advocacy mandate to ensure legal compliance with the Constitution of Uganda. Through alliances and exchange of expertise, the Ugandan Law Society fosters networking, collaboration with international and local organizations, and legal fraternities. The institution promotes informed citizen participation with a goal of achieving free and fair elections. Interventions include public awareness campaigns about current electoral laws, standards, practices, and skills training.


The rebranding brought uniformity to the society's identity, promotional materials, and merchandise. The visual system confers a feeling of independence, honor, reliability, respect, and equality before the law. The typeface, Lava, designed by Peter Bilak, is legible, sophisticated, and elegant. The bars selectively highlight the most pertinent information within the text to give the viewer a clear message. National colors (red, yellow, and black) and bold geometric shapes formed patterns that connected the Ugandan people to their cultural identity.